TARA AGM Meeting

More infomation coming soon

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Sew-in-a-circle: get to know our overlocker

Sewcialise to share our skills:
– to repair and recycle your own clothes & soft furnishings
– to make costumes and decorations
– to sew presents for your family & friends

You can use the sewing machines & other equipment and materials

Come & meeting in the Tenants Office, 26A Huberstone Avenue

(the tenants office has tea and coffee making facilities, and is wheelchair accessible with a disabled toilet)

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Carbon Coop

Here are the full reports for 2 Redbricks flats who received an energy assessment by Carbon Coop. The first section has a lot of introductory information. The second section goes into detail making recommendations for measures. The recommendations are split into three scenarios, from simpler first steps you could do yourself, through to large measures that would need the building management involved.

Important disclaimer: These reports were designed specifically for the two flats assessed. There will be some information in the documents that are relevant to all the flats, like much of the draught proofing and ventilation recommendations, and some of the ‘scenario 3’ large measures. There are also specific recommendations based on the particularities of the two flats assessed. Please only use these documents as guidance and not as if they are the exact right recommendations for you.

Useful Videos
Energy saving at home
Moisture guidance – very good, a must watch!

Useful factsheets
Centre for Sustainable Energy: https://www.cse.org.uk/resources/category:advice-leaflets

Recommended production and installation videos- check these are the correct products for you!

Airtightness tape:

Door seal: come in different colours. Unfortunately cheapest I’ve found is on Amazon. Here is the link to it from B&Q
See this video for installation

Keyhole cover

See this video for installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o__TFXXxek
Letterbox cover
See this video for installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiA8bKTKTes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiA8bKTKTes

Recommend using exterior frame sealant (if you don’t need to paint over),
Use decorators chalk/polyfiller if you want to paint over (i.e. crack in a wall)

Chimney draught excluder
Chimney balloon: https://www.chimsoc.co.uk
Chimney Sheep: https://www.chimneysheep.co.uk/ (not vegan!)

Eco product suppliers
Ecological Building Systems
Green Building Store

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Monthly TARA Meeting

Bentley House estate Tenants And Residents Asssociation (TARA) monthly meeting from 18:30 for around two hours, first hour “strictly agenda”, afterwards “agenda and any issues” – every first Thursday of every month.

All residents welcome; non-residents by invite only. We have tea, feel free to bring biscuits :-)

For confidential issues, email us, post an envelope through the estate office door, or mail it through the postal service … unless you are comfortable to come to a meeting and speak to someone there (we can talk outside for privacy, for example, or arrange a meet).

email   tara@redbricks.org   – for comments, questions, suggestions.


your TARA

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Redbricks Tree Survey

One Manchester recently carried out a tree survey of the Redbricks estate. The survey sought to identify any trees which required work carrying out on them. One Manchester identified 19 trees which will be worked on over the next 12 months.

You can view the complete tree survey below:

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email tara@redbricks.org

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Meeting minutes: May TARA & March quarterly meeting with One Manchester

TARA meeting May 2018

20.03.18 TARA – One Mcr mtg

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Manchester Day Parade Sunday 17 June

Come and watch this bird take to the streets surrounded by a gaggle of riotous Redbrickers! Even better, join our Parade group. There’s spare costumes already made.

Here’s the plan:

– 10.30am Leaving from Tenants Office to walk up together or

– 11.00am Gathering at WoW workshop, Upper Campfield Market, M3 4NN

– 12.30pm In place and in costume on Liverpool Road

– 1.00pm Start of parade from Liverpool Road

– Approximately one hour walking for each group

– 2.30-3pm End of parade at Cathedral Gardens

Paraders: Please bring water/snacks and eat beforehand; there won’t be time/space/facilities to buy stuff while we’re there. Don’t bring valuables, because we can’t store them safely.

More info at http://manchesterday.co.uk/

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Leaf St Gardening: Sat 16th June & Sun 1st July

Join us Saturday 16th June and Sunday 1st July for some summertime gardening.

We will be gardening on Leaf Street from 1pm

No experience necessary. Tools, brews and snacks provided.

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Manchester Day 2018 – free Making Workshops 7 & 9 June

6-8pm this Thursday 7th June – float-making

12-5pm drop-in this Saturday 9th June – costumes and headgear

Everyone is invited to join our next two informal free making sessions at the Wow Workshop, Upper Campfield Market, off Deansgate/Dimitri’s. Continue reading

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Manchester Day Headpiece workshop Friday 25 May, 6-8pm


Manchester Day 2018 – Headpiece workshop 6-8pm, this Friday 25th May Continue reading

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