Manchester Day Parade Sunday 17 June

Come and watch this bird take to the streets surrounded by a gaggle of riotous Redbrickers! Even better, join our Parade group. There’s spare costumes already made.

Here’s the plan:

– 10.30am Leaving from Tenants Office to walk up together or

– 11.00am Gathering at WoW workshop, Upper Campfield Market, M3 4NN

– 12.30pm In place and in costume on Liverpool Road

– 1.00pm Start of parade from Liverpool Road

– Approximately one hour walking for each group

– 2.30-3pm End of parade at Cathedral Gardens

Paraders: Please bring water/snacks and eat beforehand; there won’t be time/space/facilities to buy stuff while we’re there. Don’t bring valuables, because we can’t store them safely.

More info at

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