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Here are the full reports for 2 Redbricks flats who received an energy assessment by Carbon Coop. The first section has a lot of introductory information. The second section goes into detail making recommendations for measures. The recommendations are split into three scenarios, from simpler first steps you could do yourself, through to large measures that would need the building management involved.

Important disclaimer: These reports were designed specifically for the two flats assessed. There will be some information in the documents that are relevant to all the flats, like much of the draught proofing and ventilation recommendations, and some of the ‘scenario 3’ large measures. There are also specific recommendations based on the particularities of the two flats assessed. Please only use these documents as guidance and not as if they are the exact right recommendations for you.

Useful Videos
Energy saving at home
Moisture guidance – very good, a must watch!

Useful factsheets
Centre for Sustainable Energy:

Recommended production and installation videos- check these are the correct products for you!

Airtightness tape:

Door seal:

come in different colours. Unfortunately cheapest I’ve found is on Amazon. Here is the link to it from B&Q
See this video for installation

Keyhole cover

See this video for installation:
Letterbox cover
See this video for installation:

Recommend using exterior frame sealant (if you don’t need to paint over),
Use decorators chalk/polyfiller if you want to paint over (i.e. crack in a wall)

Chimney draught excluder
Chimney balloon:
Chimney Sheep: (not vegan!)

Eco product suppliers
Ecological Building Systems
Green Building Store