Reporting and Complaining to CSM

<The following is a ==draft== document; work in progress.>

Do you like living around here? Do you wish to look after the place?

If you live on the Redbricks estate and if you have ever felt like reporting a problem to the landlord City South Manchester Housing (CSM), then you should very likely be familiar with the information in the document below.

If you ever have reported a problem to CSM, chances are good that you have been ignored – if so, the document below outlines the time scales for responses and further steps you may want to consider taking.

We hope that by following the steps-by-step guide we can help to maximise our chances, collectively, of getting what we want from the extremely reluctant, massively unhelpful, intensely obstructive and alarmingly disorganised landlord CSM:

Reporting and Complaining to the landlord City South Manchester Housing (CSM)” – a step-by-step guide.

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