Manchester Day 2018 – free Making Workshops 7 & 9 June

6-8pm this Thursday 7th June – float-making

12-5pm drop-in this Saturday 9th June – costumes and headgear

Everyone is invited to join our next two informal free making sessions at the Wow Workshop, Upper Campfield Market, off Deansgate/Dimitri’s.

6-8pm this Thursday 7th June – float

Our phoenix squatting atop the high-rise ashes is arriving at the Wow workshop; a creative protest from our green oasis against the big, for-profit buildings closing in on the Redbricks estate. Together with Ruta, our Day Parade artist, we will build up this fierce structure to dizzying heights.


12-5pm drop-in this Saturday 9th June – costumes and headgear

Starting with baseball hat foundations and your old clothes, we’ll be constructing anarchic, creative and colourful costumes – using spray paint to create a pattern of choice, then adding random bits of jewellery, coloured fake hair and any other adornment that a person might want to contribute to their individual hip-hop punk rock look.

The hats and other materials will be provided but people are welcome to bring their own bits and bobs to make each costume a unique piece of art.

These two sessions promise to be as fun and inspiring as the first one (see picture!) and, by the end of them, we’ll be well on our way to rocking the Parade.


Upper Campfield Market

(Corner of Deansgate and Liverpool Rd)

Barton St

Manchester M3 4NN

Please RSVP to:

Do share this invite, everybody welcome!

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