People’s Kitchen Summer Update

Summer is here and lots of people leave the estate for festivals, holidays etc so we’re not going to be holding People’s Kitchen in July. There aren’t enough volunteers to run the event and this is likely to be the same in August too.

However, it’d be great to have a big community event mid September when people are back to work/school/routines to celebrate life on the Redbricks.

Do you have any ideas about fun things we can do? Are you an artist or performer who would like to be involved? Get in touch asap via:

There is a rota for people who want to be involved here:

People’s Kitchen Rota

The proposed dates for the rest of the year are:

September – Sunday 27th

October – Sunday 25th (Halloween?)

November – Sunday 29th

December – Winter Feast at Hulme Hall, traditionally

This was all discussed at a meeting back in May, check out these notes for more of an explanation on the job roles and how you can help out.

Peoples Kitchen Meeting

See you at a People’s Kitchen event soon!

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People’s Kitchen – a bit of background and a ‘how to’ guide

pk logo smallPeople’s Kitchens (article from Ethical Consumer; the author a former Redbricker & co-founder of The Redbricks’ People’s Kitchen in 1999)

A People’s Kitchen (PK) is very different to a conventional restaurant in a number of ways. They are run by volunteers, usually to raise money for other small-scale progressive projects, and often on a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ or ‘suggested donation’ basis. They are also usually vegan, and often make use of food that would otherwise have gone to waste, making for some interesting and unique dishes.

We spoke to Miles who helps run both Derby and Wirksworth people’s kitchens, who said that people at both events “typically give an average of £3.75 a head”, for a three course meal. He has resisted calls for fixed-fee meals, saying “I like it that even if someone has no money they can still come to eat. We also get a fair few activists and others doing lots of voluntary stuff, and I like it that these people can pay what they can afford”.

Derby and Wirksworth both usually have 30-40 people turn up, and run a monthly event but being fairly close, some people go to both which makes it a fortnightly option. Other PK’s such as the one at the Passing Clouds venue in Dalston, and Brixton PK, happen every other week. The PK in Hulme, Manchester, started out as a weekly event in a local pub in 1999 with up to 80 people attending, and now runs monthly, whereas Nottingham’s is every Saturday.

Most of the UK’s People’s Kitchens were inspired by experience of a similar project in another country, a ‘Comida Popular’ in Barcelona, a ‘Volxkuche’ in Berlin and Leipzig, or the ‘Food not Bombs’ model in the US.

In many European cities there is a more visible and established social centre movement than in the UK, with empty buildings being occupied as living space and also hosting a range of activities including these cheap communal meals. Food Not Bombs give food away free, but emphasise that it is a ‘meal with a message’, to get people thinking about solutions to ‘the political, economic and environmental crises threatening our future’.

When asked what he thinks is most important about the PK, Miles said,
“I like it that there’s a fairly diverse group of strangers who get together to eat, and stop being strangers.
I like it that money is denied some meaning; there are so few places you can go where having money is irrelevant: being human is enough…
I like it that there are no roles or structure or hierarchy… things just get done, like ants building a hill.
I like it best when there have been loads of different people involved, some chop veg for a bit, someone wanders in and washes pots after the first course, someone different washes up for the next… not because they were asked, or obliged, but because they just felt like joining in.
I love hearing the clamour of voices from a room full of people having a good time. Maybe that’s the most important thing.
Good times, new friends, making ideals into reality, creating a community of sorts, supporting good causes and good people… and a hundred other things… what’s not to love!?”

Is there a PK near you? Why not visit one and be inspired to start your own! See Ronny’s guide from Glossop PK.

Get involved in The Redbricks’ People’s Kitchen – whether to help cook, organise, publicise or wash-up, your skills and enthusiasm are needed.  At the moment it takes place monthly in Hulme, get in touch via email on peoples-kitchen AT

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People’s Kitchen #communitymeal this Sunday #Hulme

Hello everyone.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the fine weather.

We’re excited to announce the menu* for this Sunday’s community meal, the People’s Kitchen.  Just before it turns way too summer-y for such food, or to steel us for the coming change in weather (we do live in Manchester after all!) due on Sunday….

4-6pm at Proctor’s Youth Centre on Hulme Street, for only a pound!  No need to book, just turn up for a friendly welcome.

See the event on our calendar for a map.

* please note: there will be a version with wine, and one without wine.

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Treasurer’s Report from TARA AGM

Treasurer’s Report for 2014

I can’t upload the accounts spreadsheets that I gave out and went through at the AGM showing our financial activity over the last year, so if you want copies please email the TARA Treasurer, Jenny Barnard

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Mancunian Way crossing consultation – deadline Tuesday 7th!

Please see the attached consultation, just recently received by a resident on the Redbricks.  Despite the deadline in the letter, the council can receive comments on the proposals, or send support, by Tuesday 7th April 2015.

Please do respond if you can, even if briefly.  Since August 2013 when someone was killed crossing – by a speeding car – cars still regularly speed past, often through red lights, sometimes crashing into the barriers, and there’s been some other near misses.


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Wildflowers in Hulme – seed-sowing on Sunday 29th March


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Almost 20,000 people voted for A Tale of Two Cities and secured our win!

We want as many of you who voted, plus lots of others, to get involved to make this Grow Wild England a true Landmark Project.

We hope many of you will come along to events and activities in Manchester, or suggest  your own that we can link to and support. There is no substitute for doing something practical for nature with other people in a local space.  Meeting like minded people, being involved in a creative nature activity and making a local place special with wildflowers is about as good as it gets..  Oh, and a brew and something tasty to eat is good too!  We’ll try to do that as well.

Phase 1 work in Manchester will include:

Princess Parkway central reservation and environs ( from Asda to the subway)
Subway Roundabout Greenspaces
Southway Homes Verges.

We are having a public seed sowing event on Sunday 29th March 2015. This will take place at the subway greenspace area (Gaythorne roundabout) at the bottom of Princess parkway, and will run 2-4pm. This will follow an event at Everton Park in Liverpool in the  morning. Spread the word of if you can, and come along if possible!

This will signify the start of phase 1 prep and sowing, so important times ahead!

You’re welcome to come to a community meal organised by residents of The Redbricks – it will run 5-7pm at Proctor’s Youth Centre on Hulme Street; People’s Kitchen (contact peoples-kitchen AT for info).

More info to follow in a few days, plus here and Grow Wild A3 phase 1 info march2015 revised

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TARA meeting minutes January 2015.

TARA meeting minutes for January 2015 are available HERE

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AGM Thursday 5th March, 7-9pm, Birley Campus room G.87

All tenants and residents of the Redbricks are invited to attend their TARA’s AGM which this year will be on Thursday 5th March, 7-9pm at Birley Campus, room G.87 on the ground floor. Refreshments will be available.
If you want to find out what’s been happening in the last year on the estate and what’s planned for next year; and even better, if you want to get involved, please come along, the more the merrier!
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January People’s Kitchen and meeting

PK january 2015 a6 flyer

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TARA Monthly Meeting Minutes Oct, Nov, Dec 2014

Please see the following links for TARA’s meeting minutes from October, November and December 2014.





Aidan (TARA Secretary)


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