Tree Works: City South Response

Earlier this week, community consultation feedback on the proposed tree works was sent to CSM.  We are very pleased to announce that we have now received a very positive response from Tom Rock and Alan Leicester at City South. Tom Rock has issued a new tree works plan (see below) that has taken into account all of our recommendations, based upon the residents’ views that came up during the consultation. The new plans can also be downloaded here: Revised Tree Works Schedule 2014

Work will recommence on Monday 24th of February and will take 2-3weeks, beginning with crowning work and starting in Zone 1, at the top of Letsby Avenue.

Revised Tree Works Schedule 2014-page-0

Following a meeting with TARA representatives on Friday 21st of February, CSM have agreed to a significant reduction in the number of trees to be felled, and an increase in crowning work across the estate, which is a better than expected outcome. Alan Leicester has also agreed that a long-term management plan for Redbricks green spaces needs to be put in place, working in consultation with the community. Any future plans will involve the re-planting of a variety of new trees across the estate.

Summary of Revised Works:

  • The remaining trees marked for felling are either diseased or deadwood (735, 780, 781 801, & 809); are considered dangerous due to their size and proximity to buildings/instability (733 & 782); or are the subject of specific requests by residents immediately affected by them (694, 710, 711). In this latter group, a number of these are in back gardens, and were not marked for any work of the original map (742, 741, 768, 769, and the Leylandii on Leaf St.).
  • The number of trees to be felled has been reduced by a third from 30 to 20; 5 of these are new requests for trees in gardens to be removed; there are also 2 felling substitutions suggested by residents which are different from the original plans.
  • Tom Rock has promised that the 3 trees at the end of Hunmanby Ave./Hulme St. to be felled will be replaced with new trees this season.
  • The majority of mature trees scheduled for felling, including those on Leaf street, will now be crowned instead.
  • More crowning work will be carried out on Letsby Avenue, particularly in Zone 1, to both increase light levels and avoid the felling of healthy trees.
  • Crowning work will resume immediately.
  • Felling will take place later, to give people further opportunity to feedback any issues.

If any residents have any more concerns regarding the felling of specific trees, please get in touch with TARA. Thanks again to all those who came out and had their say!

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