Tree Works Consultation Feedback

On Saturday 15th, Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th of February, three consultation sessions took place at the TARA office regarding proposed tree works on the estate. A detailed map of the plans was made available for residents to comment upon using post-it notes (see below), and organisers were on hand to take notes on residents’ views.

Consultation Map Final Session

A total of 56 people participated in the consultation, either by attending the open trees meeting at the TARA office on the 13th, one of the three consultation sessions, or by passing on their comments via e-mail or phone. We are very pleased with the turnout to what was necessarily a very adhoc and last-minute exercise. We sincerely hope that the short-notice nature of recent discussions can be avoided in future, and that City South will engage in meaningful and inclusive consultation with residents about maintenance of green spaces on the estate.

All the feedback from the consultation has now been collated into one document, which can be viewed or downloaded here: Redbricks Tree Works Consultation 2014 This document has also been forwarded to City South, and we await their response.

Thanks to all those tenants and residents who have contributed to the community consultation over the past five days! A meeting is scheduled between TARA and CSM tomorrow morning, after which feedback from CSM on the consultation report will be publicized.

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