Tree Works on the Estate: Come and View the Plans!

TARA has recently responded to residents’ requests for more consultation on tree works scheduled to take place over the next two weeks, especially regarding the proposed felling of 30 trees across the Bentley estate.

Work has already been carried out on the Princess Parkway facing side of Rockdove Avenue (evens), and along Jackson Crescent, effecting residents on the evens side of Humberstone Avenue. TARA is not opposed to tree maintenance works, but is concerned that City South have not engaged residents in a consultation process on this issue. Following meetings between concerned residents, TARA and City South staff this week, City South agreed to give us copies of the plans, and put a temporary hold on any more felling work until we’ve had a chance to share the plans with residents and get some feedback.

TARA is now inviting all interested residents to view the plans and give us their opinions and feedback:

  • Are you concerned about the removal of particular trees that will affect you?
  • Are there trees near you that you would like to see pruned/removed?
  • Is the right work being carried out on the right trees, in your opinion?
  • Do you have any other comments on the plans?


The TARA office will be open for residents to view and comment on the plans at the following times:

  • Saturday 15th February 2pm-4pm
  • Monday 17th February 12pm-2pm
  • Tuesday 18th February 6pm-8pm

We hope to feedback residents’ views to City South at the end of next week, and come to some consensus on the works that is both productive and positive for as many residents as possible. Everyone is welcome, so please come along to one of the sessions above and express your views!

The plans can also be found online here: Bentley House Proposed Tree Works 2014

A larger, more user-friendly version of this map is available to view in the TARA office.


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