Tree Works: UPDATE

During the meeting between City South Manchester and TARA last Friday, it was agreed that representatives of TARA and any interested residents would meet with Nick Moulding, the surveyor who is now responsible for overseeing the tree works on the estate, to do a walk through of the revised plans. This took place on Wednesday this week, and was attended by a number of residents, as well as Gemma Angel on behalf of TARA.

A number of discrepancies between the revised map and the list of planned works Mr. Moulding had received were identified, and an updated map has been re-issued (see below). 809 at the end of Rockdove Avenue is no longer marked for felling, and 759 at the Hulme St. end of Hunmanby Avenue will now be crowned. This map has been simplified to include only those trees with scheduled works.


Several residents in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of Letsby Avenue have also been in touch with TARA since the consultation, and feedback on the proposed fellings around the estate remains ongoing. Some of these more recent comments have also been taken into account in Mr. Moulding’s new map, including:

Zone 1

710 & 711– The proposed felling of these two small Hawthorns has been contested by 5 residents in this area, forming a majority opinion at this time. These trees will therefore not now be felled.

713– Some residents suggested that this tree should be felled, as it is crowded by 712 and 714, and that this would open up the canopy further to allow in more light. This was considered preferable to felling 749.

752– CSM has made the decision to remove this Elder bush on the grounds that it is growing through the fence and causing damage to property. CSM’s decision in this case overrides previous decisions.

751– Now scheduled for crown lift and thinning rather than crown reduction, to avoid damaging an active squirrel drey in the top of the tree.

Zone 2

747 & 746 – Several residents immediately affected by these two trees have requested that they be felled. As these are large trees, more time will be allowed for other residents in the area to comment on this proposal before any felling goes ahead.

Zone 3

It was noted during the walk-through that 734 has already been crowned in recent years. However, 727 has a number of long branches very close to the upper floor windows. Consequently the status of these two trees has been altered. 727 will now be crowned, and 734 is now marked for no works.

If any residents have further comments or questions about the tree works, please contact Gemma Angel on, copying in and

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