Hulme Street launch party – get in touch if you want to put on an activity or perform

Hulme Street is almost finished, and we’ll be having a party to celebrate the reclaiming of a commuter car-park covered in broken glass, to a people-focussed space for the Residents of the Redbricks, and everyone who passes through the new Hulme Street park – community art work, edibles for both humans and animals, herbs and medicinal plants, habitats and adult fitness and play areas.

Please get in touch if you want to perform something, organise games or whatever you think makes the Hulme Street launch a proper party. It’s going to be on Saturday 14 Sept. Procters is booked in case of bad weather. Please get in touch with Cathy at [remove the underlines _ to send email] by mid-August so she can plan the programme. Please forward this message to anybody who might be interested

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