People’s Kitchen returns, come rain or shine!

peoples-kitchen-webNext Tuesday 30th July there’ll be a People’s Kitchen, at 6:30pm.

If the weather is fine, it’ll be near the climbing frame in the Leaf Street community garden, and if wet inside and just outside the TARA office, behind the bike shed on Humberstone Avenue.

People’s Kitchen started here in 1998 and was a weekly meal that brought people together, creating connections, helping communication, and the sharing of ideas and the building of trust.  It was accessible to all – vegan food can be eaten whatever restrictions you have from your ethics or religion; and at £1.50 for a main adult meal.  Different cooks took on preparing each week, and any extra money raised went to a charitable or good cause of their choosing.  When we started having to pay for the venue some fund-raising was done to cover the costs of the back-room of the ex-pub, but this soon ran out and the A-Fe-We became a less suitable venue.  Since then it has been held sporadically here and there.   Volunteers are welcome to help on the night, or offer to run one another time.

If you can help with any aspect of cooking, serving, clearing up etc. please get in touch with Steve, via TARA or see the shout email list for his contact.

Also, it would be pretty groovy if different groups from around the estate had any publicity stuff to give out, for them to bring it along.

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