securing bikes update

doublebikeNot much unfortunately to report since the last post – that said, hopefully the Hunmanby bike cage will be launched by August (with keys available to only the adjacent blocks), and the Sheffield bike stands moved and secured better.

If you are not a CSM tenant and live in a flat on Hunmanby evens (Clarendon Street end), then the letter may go only to your landlord – get in touch if you need to know when the letters gone out or other support we can give you.

Do you know a mural or graffiti artist who’s up for painting bright and bike-themed in the walk-through where the cage is?  Get in touch too, all paints paid for.

Want to get involved in taking bike storage options further on the estate?  Get involved – drop us a line,

We can dream of innovative bike sheds, outdoor bike pumps and more!

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