Maggie’s Meadow – mosaic making & ash scattering 12th & 19th May

Maggie Sansam, longtime Redbricks’ gardener, great friend and neighbour to many of us, and fellow trouble causer, very sadly passed away last year. In addition to all the community work on TARA and organising events that she did, she also lovingly cared for and helped develop the wildflower and bulb meadow on Letsby Avenue over many years, and she cultivated the flower bed that runs along side it.

When she was dying in the hospice Lucy W told her that we were going to rename the meadow Maggie’s Meadow and she was thrilled. We will be making a mosaic sign with Maggie’s Meadow on it with yet-to-smash-up crocks in the tenants’ office, 26a Humberstone Avenue,  Saturday 12th May – 2pm 

If you are into smashing things up then putting them back together better than they were before then come join us. Grout, tea and biscuits provided.

Then on Saturday 19th May at 2pm we will be erecting the sign and scattering Maggie’s ashes on Letsby Avenue, planting a rose called Margaret, and raising a toast to her and all the good that she brought to our community and our lives.

All are welcome. 

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