Manchester Day Parade meeting Thurs 10 May, 7pm at NIA MOS

Manchester Day producers Walk the Plank are rather excited at having us on board for the first time and have paired us up with an amazing puppeteer/visual artist called Ruta Staseviciute. This year’s theme is “The Word on the Street,” which can encompass any topic that is dear to our collective hearts; it can be subversive, anarchic, cheeky and fun. The only limit is the imagination of the group!

Meet the team from Walk the Plank and get working on the Bentley House section
Thursday 10th May at 7pm at the N.I.A.M.O.S arts centre (the old NIA Centre). It’s on the corner of Chichester Road and Warwick Street (postcode M15 5UP), behind the Hulme Garden Centre.

Bring along friends and ex-residents, the more the merrier!


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