Summer update on Bentley House estate Tenants And Residents Association (TARA)

We wanted to announce some changes regarding the meeting of your Bentley House estate Tenants And Residents Association (TARA), and how and when we publish our meeting notes.

We need to attract new members to function properly, and so by streamlining the meeting and adjusting the opening hours, we hope these are the first two steps we in the right direction to achieving this.

Regular advertising of our existence by means of a monthly invite in form of next meeting’s agenda will also show the issues we tackle and, occasionally, solve!

Please remember, TARA is open to all estate residents, we are all volunteers, and we are independent of the landlord CSM; we have very different jobs to tackle and all help is welcome – please join in.

Changes in detail:

1) We have grouped meeting issues into major sections, then sub-divided these. This makes our meeting’s structure clearer, and much reduces jumping back and forth between similar issues across the meeting.

You can see the agenda for our meeting on 4th August HERE!

2) Please note, we do not need one hour at the start of our meeting for “confidential” issues – in fact, we very rarely deal with confidential issues. However, what we do need is an hour of intense meeting, following the agenda and getting “house keeping” and regular issues out of the way.

So we are opening up the first hour of the meeting for people to come and “listen in” while we are doing “agenda business”. This from is 6.30 – 7.30pm.

Please don’t take “listen in” literally as your comments are very welcome indeed! By “listen in” we’re referring to the need to sticking to the agenda. So, no new major issues shall be discussed in the first hour, that is the limit we ask to respect, we’re not asking for the people attending to be silent!

The second hour remains open and is for new issues to be raised as opposed to sticking to the agenda. This from is 7.30 – 8.30pm.

3) We will try to publish “draft” notes for our monthly meetings immediately after the meeting to do away with the monthly delay in publishing notes that currently exists (as caused by the “need to agree” at the following month’s meeting). This will allow all of you to see much sooner what was done at the meeting, and to comment much quicker.

You can see the draft minutes from our July meeting HERE!

Notes will be marked as “draft”, and we want to publish these notes in a variety of places, including a printout, but we will need to finalise details (7 pages do not fit into the small display box by the office). More on this later.

Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully see you at the meeting on Thursday 4th August in the Tenants Office, 26A Humberstone Avenue.

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