Bike sheds: calling Humberstone and Rockdove residents

The long-term project to get more bike storage on the Redbricks will hopefully be moving on a stage, details below.  One half of each avenue does not have internal block bike storage space (provided by the Sheffield stands), so these outdoor sheds are the only option to address that issue.

From City South Manchester, dated 14th July 2016:

Dear Resident

Re: Bentley House Bike Shed Application 2106.

I am writing with regards to the above and to inform you that One Manchester intend to apply for funding from Transport for Greater Manchester for various additional cycle sheds including two on the Bentley House Estate. Before we submit the application we need to consult with residents on the Estate regarding suitable locations. We have been identified the following locations which we feel would be suitable for the additional shelters. The proposed areas are:

Humberstone Avenue- at the side of the current shelter and will involve resiting the trellis (on a location to be agreed) and replanting the associated plants in the area where the recycling bins used to be stored.

Rockdove Avenue– Option 1-on the small car park area outside the block numbered 31 to 41.

  • Option 2- small car park area side of block 7 to 17.

  • Option 3- large car park area between blocks containing 33 and 45.

Unfortunately, the timescale for the bid applications is July 29th 2016. I would, therefore appreciate it if you could contact me by midday Wednesday 20th July 2016 if have any preference or objections on the options above. Alternatively please contact me on 0800 840 144 if you would like to discuss this matter further.

I look forward to your response in this matter.

Yours Sincerely

Barry Seers

Place Manager

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