Cycle route feedback ASAP

Medlock-StreetHi folks,

we’ve a chance to input into plans for a cycle route that would connect The Redbricks across the crossing (currently being slowly converted to a Toucan crossing) and then along Medlock Street towards the town centre.

Please click on the image (to see a good quality drawing) and send any comments straight back to greening AT

The detail is:

“mandatory cycle lane within the carriageway for cyclists which have travelled from Princess Road within the carriageway and negotiated the Medlock Street/Princess Road.  A segregated facility is also proposed for cyclists travelling southbound which intend to use the controlled crossing across the Mancunian Way slip roads.

The radius on the south west side of the Medlock Street adjacent to River Street is modified to reduce the crossing width of River Street which is one-way for all traffic in a westerly direction.


  1. section of segregated footway/cycletrack on the west side of Medlock Street between Mancunian Way and River Street
  2. 2m wide on-carriageway mandatory cycle lane within the northbound carriageway,
  3. revised radius to reduce crossing width.

The short notice is because we’ve been given a late chance to input so need to send our thoughts to the council straight away.

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