People’s Kitchen Summer Update

Summer is here and lots of people leave the estate for festivals, holidays etc so we’re not going to be holding People’s Kitchen in July. There aren’t enough volunteers to run the event and this is likely to be the same in August too.

However, it’d be great to have a big community event mid September when people are back to work/school/routines to celebrate life on the Redbricks.

Do you have any ideas about fun things we can do? Are you an artist or performer who would like to be involved? Get in touch asap via:

There is a rota for people who want to be involved here:

People’s Kitchen Rota

The proposed dates for the rest of the year are:

September – Sunday 27th

October – Sunday 25th (Halloween?)

November – Sunday 29th

December – Winter Feast at Hulme Hall, traditionally

This was all discussed at a meeting back in May, check out these notes for more of an explanation on the job roles and how you can help out.

Peoples Kitchen Meeting

See you at a People’s Kitchen event soon!

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