What’s the Story?

The Green Zone is working with Redbricks Radio and –  hopefully –  lots of people on the estate. to do some Audio Recordings.  We want to do the following;


1) Case studies  for a tool kit so that some of the things we do and we’ve learned can be shared with other similar groups and landlords – 

2) Evaluation. What went well and not so well for the Green Zone project

3) Sharing Stories  to get some great stories of what has happened on the Estate in audio format for Redbricks Radio.


What we really need are some volunteers to record some of these stories. If you volunteer we’ll train you to use the recording equipment and interview skills, if you need them. In return, it would be great if you could interview a couple of people you know.


Meet Up – 18th April 7pm 
We are going to have a session to get volunteers started at 7pm Monday 18th April in the TARA office – 26a Humberstone Av. Please come along if you can help.

If you are interested in sharing your story or thoughts, then please get in contact. If you have any questions about how this will work or any suggestions, then please get in touch on – greenzone@redbricks.org – or 07875 010589

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