Hulme St ideas – some images & comments

Option 1 - full pedestrianisation

Option 2 Yellow lines on south side of Hulme St


Option 3 - blocking access from Jackson Cresent - and things to make Hulme St more pedestrian friendly

Comments on different options for Hulme St


[ Option 1, Option 3 & Option 4]
This would need to be agreed by Procters. Our impression is that they would be keen on this to ensure access for their disabled access entry. Are there other issue to do with this?

Removal of Bollards

Removal of Bollards and access via Humberstone and Humanby and the blocking of the entrance to Jackson Cresent.

[ Option 3 & Option 4]

Advantages – This brings the road ‘back into the estate’ without losing parking places which may be very useful if there is increase parking in the area in the future. Especially useful if there is a residents parking scheme

Disadvantages – While there is no residents parking scheme, this may increase the amount of traffic by commuters through the estate on Hunmanby and Humberstone.

New Green Space

[ Option 1 & Option 4]

Advantages – Planters and other environmental improvements can improve the look and feel of the whole street especially the new area of Green space. Less commuter parking.

Disadvantages –Permanent loss of car parking space for residents and guests. This may displace the car parking to Jackson Cresent.

Yellow Lines

[ Option 2]


Double yellows keep the area clear. No commuter parking but also no resident parking.

Single yellows are good for people on the estate who commute or for visitors to the estate in the evening and weekends.

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