Celebrate the Redbricks summer event

Hello there lovely neighbours,

It’s planning time for the Celebrate the Redbricks summer event on our estate on Saturday 8th July, so this shout is to see if anyone or everyone would like to be involved?

There will be food, music and mucho merriment, but to make it in to the corker that it should be, your estate needs… YOU!!

The programme is set to run between 2pm – midnight and we’ll need a heap of hands with:

  • Setting up/de-rigging, from tent rigging to decor to the PA. Come to think of it, we’ll need those things to begin with, so if you can assist with lending things, it’d be greatly appreciated. If you have sound mixing experience, yippee! And if you love tidying up, you will be duly adored.
  • Workshops for big kids or small kids that people might want to run in the afternoon.
  • Performers – Bands, singers, musicians, poets, comics, walkabout or circus artists and DJs.

If you’d like to be involved, in any capacity, please send an email to:
Everyone is welcome. Let’s celebrate!

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