Bike storage update

bike_treeIt’s been a while since we’ve given an update on bike storage.  We’ve been busy, and things can move slowly in this world of Redbrickers and housing associations – but there has been some movement!

The Hunmanby bike cage has been launched; everyone on the evens side of Hunmanby has got a letter from City South on applying for a key.  Like the Humberstone bike shed, which is now overflowing, initial uptake has been slow.  Unfortunately this has meant that the CSM funding for a second cage – dependent on high demand being there – is no longer available.  So, do encourage residents near there to get using it, so we can get more!

The Humberstone bike shed is over-flowing and other residents are asking for space in it.  So please, if you’ve a bike in there that you don’t use much, move it to somewhere else.  Until there’s some movement here, CSM won’t consider putting in more provision on Humberstone.

On Rockdove there’s more space in blocks and there doesn’t seem at the moment to be extra demand beyond the Sheffield stands we’ve got put in.  At the ends of blocks, on Hulme and Clarendon Streets, there’s little space for bike stands and heads have been scratched but not got much further to a solution – ideas welcome.

We’re still waiting on the Sheffield stands to be adjusted by CSM’s contractors, so that they aren’t right up against the wall to give more space for more bikes to be attached, and then further secured.

If you’ve got bicycles locked up in your bin-sheds or on railings that are long past being used, or have been abandoned, get in touch with the Bentley Bike Club so they can use them for parts.  CSM’s cleaning team are happy to make sure it gets passed on.  The bin sheds are now needed for, erm, bins, so please lock your bikes up in your block or the nearest shed/cage.

And do of course get in touch if you want to help out securing more bike storage or similar pro-bike measures on the estate –

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