Tree Stump Carving

City South Manchester have recently given the go-ahead for local artist Karl Macauley of Elegant Chainsaw Carvings to work with local residents on designing and carving artworks from tree stumps around the estate, following the recently completed tree works. Whilst we were sorry to see these mature trees come down, some of which were unfortunately diseased, we think that transforming these stumps into artworks will add a great feature to the estate.

Stump 1 on Leaf St.

Stump 1 on Leaf St.

Stumps 2 & 3, on Hulme St. at the end of Leaf St./Hunmanby Ave.

Stumps 2 & 3, on Hulme St. at the end of Leaf St./Hunmanby Ave.

There are a total of 6 tree stumps marked for carving: 1 on Leaf Street, 2 on Hulme Street and 3 on Letsby Avenue. The stumps are quite narrow, which will restrict the possibilities somewhat, but Karl has sent us some initial design ideas based on what the natural forms of the stumps suggest, such the crocodile drawing below.

Crocodile design for stump 2, by Karl Mcauley

Crocodile design for stump 2, by Karl Macauley

Hulme St Leaning Stump

Stump 2

We’re keen for residents to make design suggestions, and a number of people have already expressed the idea that they would like to see things in keeping with the local wildlife such as squirrels, frogs, birds and bats. Others would like to see foxes, owls, giant mushrooms, Easter Island heads and totem poles.

If you have any design suggestions for particular tree stumps on the estate, please get in touch directly with Karl at, copying in Gemma Angel on, and

Letsby Zone 2 Stump

Stump 4, Lestby Avenue Zone 2

Letsby Zone 3 Stumps

Stumps 5 & 6, Letsby Avenue Zone 3



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