Pedestrian & cycle crossing under Mancunian Way – stay safe

welcome-staysafeResidents from the Redbricks have put up notices to encourage cyclists and pedestrians using the crossings under the Mancunian Way, to stay safe.

stop at crossingSince the keen cycler Jaye Bloomfield was killed on 3rd August 2013 crossing the sliproad at the Gaythorne roundabout, next to the Redbricks, there has been a Critical Mass in commemoration, and residents, Hulme Community Garden Centre and friends and family put flowers and notes up. A ghost bike has been installed too – here’s a photo. Road markings have been repainted and traffic is being measured too.

Clearly more needs to be done – it’s the vehicle drivers that speed round the corner way too fast and straight through the red lights who are at fault, not people for crossing out of Hulme.

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