Letsby Avenue gardening events

Twelve month ago City South commissioned Hulme Community Garden Centre to maintain and plant the Avenue. Flags were removed, woodchip paths were created, woodland plants and spring bulbs flowers were established and pruning took place in winter. The pruning was taken back to HCGC and recycled into plant supports, fences and other uses. A lot of rubbish was also removed. The exhibition following the consultation twelve month ago can still be seen in the TARA on the office’s wall. Please go and take a look! Below describes the next 4 months of activities for Letsby Avenue and we are inviting you to get involved.

Wednesday 24th April 11.15am-3pm. Planting

The dense shade that the tree’s canopy creates means very little can grow below, besides shade-loving species. However there is a desire to see more colours and a more structured design to the area, while respecting the established ecosystem and the thriving habitats, and taking into account the dense residential area. We will be planting in Room 2 and create a path with wooden logs as stepping stones. The plants will be individually planted in small raised beds, similar to Room 3.

Wednesday 22nd May  11.30am-2.30pm Signage

Some willing residents are busy looking after pockets of Letsby Avenue, creating beautiful carpets of flowering bulbs, such as snowdrops, bluebells and tulips, shrubs such as cornus and euonymus, but very little else thrives. There have been attempts at growing hebes, rosemary and lavender and we would like to know who the plants belong to. Do they commemorate a loved one or an event?! Please come to let us know or ring the garden centre on 0161 227 8198 ask for Helene or Dave. Some plants are neglected and in need of tlc or removing. Drinks and biscuits provided.


Wednesday 26th June 11.30am-2pm Old plants

There are several ‘young loner’ plants, such as a willow contorta stem, a corylus avelana and several hazel suckers. It would be an idea to move these plants to one of the beds created with a path instead of being grown randomly alone. We believe that the willow will not thrive – it requires a lot of light, and water, and we fear it will not do well where it is. This is our chance to identify and gather the ‘lone plants’ together, which will be done in the winter when the plants are dormant.

Wednesday 24th July  11.30am – 2.30pm. Raised bed.

A wooden raised bed will be created in Room 2 with integrated seats to provide a further growing space (away from dogs) but also a place to sit and enjoy the woodland. Once the spring flowering bulbs have died down, wild flowers will appear. There will be a mix of brambles with nettles, dandelions and docks. We believe that these plants are necessary for the well being of the whole garden’s wildlife and only ‘taming’ large clumps is necessary. We have now stopped using chainsaws and leaf blowers, and we think the Avenue has very much benefited from it.


Refreshments, gloves and tools are provided as well as having the TARA office for lunch (12.30-1.15 – bring your pack lunch) and toilets. Don’t forget to take a look at the consultation done 12 months ago in the office. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Samantha Lennard at City South on 0800 840 1444.

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