Bike storage progress

boy:bike-racks:floodInstead of the ‘Sheffield stands’ going in on half a street in a pilot, they’ve been rolled out across the estate. So you should have already seen 2-3 bike stands in your block, where there’s space to put them. Hoorah for some progress, finally!

However, there are a few issues that will be corrected! They are badly positioned – right against walls so you can get less bikes securely locked on them; not at an angle in the front of blocks or staggered in ‘pram rooms’, so they’re harder to get less bikes in and out; and the bolts haven’t been secured adequately. CSM are working on the contractor to get it right.

‘Pram room’ doors will all have a standard lock fitted (unless you already have an ‘805’), and keys will be available from CSM. Ensuring all back doors are secure (i.e. replaced) will come next – in the meantime, if there’s any issue with your’s shutting, make sure you report it to CSM repeatedly till it gets properly sorted – this will hasten it being replaced!

The first cage hasn’t yet been launched – any teething problems have been identified, and we’re waiting for those to be corrected before CSM launch it. They will do this by delivering a leaflet to those blocks nearest it, as there’s lots without any room for stands in – only they will be able to have keys, which for a small deposit will give them up to a couple of keys, for flatmates if needed.

A second bike cage, for the other end of Hunmanby, will go in sometime after that. These two cages will also serve those flats on Hulme Street and Clarendon Street, who don’t have any space for bike stands.

If anyone wants to paint a bright mural on the walls inside these cages, contact us and we’ll forward your email to CSM, who will provide the paint/spray cans.

There’s talk of a third cage, either for Humberstone or Rockdove, depending on need and practicalities – only problem at the moment is though CSM have probably secured money for this cage, they haven’t got enough for it to be sheltered from the rain like the existing one on Humberstone.

To get involved or for more info, contact us at bike-storage AT

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