Hulme Street artist vote results

Many thanks to all who voted for the artist to work with the estate on Hulme Street. Many thanks to all three artists for making the time to show us their work.

Helen Matthews of City South Manchester collected and counted the votes (many thanks, Helen!) and here is her announcement:

“From the event in the Tenants Office on 29 November, we obtained 27 votes, three of which showed a draw and therefore were not included in the numbers. Of the 24 counted votes, Tracey had 4, Karen had 2, and UHC had 18.  From the emails I have collected 9 votes. 1 for Tracey, 2 for Karen and 6 for UHC. This gives totals of Tracey 5 votes; Karen 4 votes; UHC 24 votes. This means that the community would prefer to work further with the Ultimate Holding Company.”

UHC Hulme Street proposal

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