Halloween People’s Kitchen & Trick or Treat Wednesday 31 October


4pm onwards we can have access to Procter’s Youth Centre, on Hulme Street, to decorate.

Volunteers needed to help decorate and set up and also cook.

5.15pm the group doing trick or treat start to gather outside the tenants office and set off at 5.30pm visiting some flats at various points around the estate, I think they usually go to 4 or 5 flats. Volunteers needed to host trick or treat visitors. Then the trick or treat group make their way to Procter’s for People’s Kitchen along with anyone else who wants to come along for the meal.

Helpers needed: decorating, setting up, hosting, cooking, serving, clearing and dish washing, tidying up.

If anyone’s new to this website and/or the estate, People’s Kitchen is a freshly cooked affordable community meal (vegan, family-friendly), we ask for donations of either £1.50 or £2 pounds to cover costs. Children half price.

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