Letsbe Avenue gardening work proposals

Here’s the .pdf of the proposal for Letsbe Avenue, which was arrived at through consultation, particularly involving residents overlooking ‘rooms’ two and three.

The proposal has been available in the office, apparently, but as not many people will have seen it there, I’ve been asked to help circulate it more widely, so here you are.

The implementing plans phase is shortly to begin and it would be great if folk could volunteer to muck in and make it happen when the time comes. I’m sure details of what’s happening, where and when and what you can do to help will follow shortly. More specifically, I understand the folks overlooking ‘room three’ will receive flyers with more detailed information shortly about what’s happening ‘in their backyard’ so to speak.

Some of our neighbours who overlook Letsbe Avenue have already been working quite very hard to improve the environment there – Thank you! *applauds* – and the proposed gardening works will build on their work and take it to a new level of loveliness.

Summary: The plans involve planting some more bulbs and shrubs, creating some raised beds, repairing broken paths, removing rubbish, providing signage, pruning back some unruly brambles and removing half a dozen or so rogue saplings that are ‘suckers’ that have sprung up inappropriately.

Once the work has been carried out, over the next year the maintenance will be a shared effort between Hulme Community Garden Centre and City South, listening to residents for concerns, to make sure that City South understand how to maintain the garden and will cease to bring chainsaws but follow an established maintenance schedule that HCGC will be drawing up for them. The following year, August 2013, HCGC will leave it to City South and hope that they will leave behind a good practice as far as gardening is concerned.

NB: No trees will be harmed in the making of this garden. So calm down, dears!

I’m rubbish at gardening and I’m afraid I can’t answer any queries, I’m simply forwarding info as a community service, but if anyone does have any queries, Helene Rudlin at Hulme Community Garden Centre is the point person for this project: volunteering@hulmegardencentre.org.uk

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