Bentley Bike Club!!

The Bentley Bike Club is up and cycling! We have all the tools for repairing your bicycle and a little bit of knowhow if you need a helping hand! The BBC runs the first weekend of every month in the afternoons, from 1-4pm, alongside the Bentley Exchange on Humberstone Avenue.

The Bike Club aims to refurbish and roll out previously unloved bikes for the benefit of people on the estate and in the local community. If you have any unwanted bikes or bits of bikes then we will gladly take them off your hands and put them to good use!

The BBC has the assistance of a professional bike mechanic and several knowledgeable volunteers, so if you want to learn how to fix your bike then please stop by.

If you would like access to the tools at any other time, or would like to donate a bike, please call Aidan on 0757 6688393.

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