Bike Storage Updates

Hi all!

After many months of general too & fro’ing the bike storage issue for the whole of the Bentley estate is now properly underway. My name is Matthew Hague and I live on Hunmanby. Myself and Adam are trying our best to keep this issue on the agenda with City South and we have now secured regular official meeting time with them and we are now being listened to regarding view points, practicalities and all other points in-between.

The last meeting took place on Thursday 15th March. Present were Chris Parkinson, Alan Leicester, Samantha Lennard & Sue France. Many points were discussed and many solutions mooted. Basically it boils down to the fact that the bikes have to come off the landing railings. After that its a matter of finding the best (& obviously most cost effective!) solution to each block on the estate. We have discussed the use of the storage rooms, placing Sheffield stands in the hallways which have the room and converting certain bin sheds to “securely’ & “safely” house bikes.

So, so, so………….. the next meeting is scheduled for 10th May & I would like to take some estate wide feedback with me. Please add any thoughts, feelings, insights etc to this post and i’ll bring it all together and put it forward. The more the merrier please.

Some of the blocks on Rockdove trialled the wall mounted systems that City South installed. I have tested these and found them wanting in a few areas. But feedback on these and the ‘shed’ on Humberstone would also be very welcome. We really need & want to find the best solution for each block.

I await your responses, experiences as a bike user on the estate and thoughts for the future of using said bikes easily and effectively within the Bentley House area. Also feel free to ask any questions that you need. Email :

bike-storage AT

We also need a few more volunteers to get involved with this project too. Give me a shout if you are interested.

Cheers, Matthew


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