Bentley Exchange this weekend & Bring Out Your Dead…computers

Bring Out Your Dead…computers

Computer/IT problem drop-in in the tenants’  office this Sunday, 1pm till 6pm. All welcome!

  •  Laptop broken or just the power supply? Find out with our universal adapter!
  • Broken laptop, working screen? Broken screen, working laptop? Hey, you guys should get together. We can help fix your machine.
  •  Does your computer just seem to get slower and slower? There are ways to clean it and make it faster. Before you chuck it, find out if there is an easy, cheap upgrade (perhaps from parts salvaged from neighbours’ broken PCs).
  • Give your old machine a new lease of life or pick up someones donated machine. We can help you build up machines and take you through an install of an easy to use linux system (yes such a thing does exist, honest!).
  • We do have a couple of working machines and various parts to donate, but are looking for more. Do you have something under the bed that might help? If you’re keeping something as it might be useful one day, this Sunday is that day! Free yourself from your tat! Anything left over will be saved for a future workshop, stuff that’s old or broken will be picked up by a recycler for re-use.
  • If you’ve got something special to donate, that you don’t want to leave at the tat table and you can’t bring to the Tenants office early on Sunday afternoon, text 07912 569521 and we’ll try and arrange a pickup.

What is the hell is ‘Bring out your Dead’?

The idea is to make the Bentley Exchange (tat table) more useful, by theming the months. Expert advice will be on-hand to help people learn how to make better (re)use of the things left on the table and we hope it will encourage people to get rid of their more ‘premium’ tat, knowing it will be put to good use. Future planned themes are bikes (along with a cycle repair skill share) and clothes (with an upcycling, refashioning workshop).
The idea came from a group of residents who all have stuff clogging up their flats on the basis that ‘they’ll be useful one day’ – we want to make those days happen now! ‘Bring out your dead’ is just an addition to the Exchange, so do still bring out non-techy things you think others might want, as you normally would.

Where: 26a Humberstone, office behind bike shed

When: 4th February


The amazing Bentley Exchange

bring and take tat table


This weekend

(and every full first weekend of the month)

noon Saturday – 5pm Sunday

between Humberstone and Letsbe Avenue

Bring things you don’t want, take things that you need

Bring things on Saturday, not last thing on Sunday!  and don’t bring rubbish!!

Volunteers needed for tidy-up – subscribe to ‘shout’ on or just turn up at 6pm on Sunday

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