even more apple tree action – Sunday 11th December, 1-4pm

Another 9 tree grafts were planted in at an appropriately jaunty angle along the south fence on Clarendon Street. The canes are there to help guide the growth (by loose tying). The angle is a compromise between growth and fruiting – restricting one and promoting the other – so the whole stem becomes a fruiting branch.

More prep work has happened along Clarendon Street – if you can spot the nicely spaced canes along any fences they represent where more apple trees will go.

So anyone who wants to join in, meet 1pm till 4pm Sunday 11th December and we’ll see how many more we can get stuck in with! We’ll be around planting after we’ve got all the stuff we need from Leaf Street, so come
find us.

Spread the word/muck.

Get in touch if you can’t make then but want to help out another time, with lucy AT teddytronix.com

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