bike storage for Bentley

There’s been a few people working for an inordinate amount of time to try and get a bike storage solution for the estate.  City South have wanted them moved from railings in stairwells as they are a safety and fire hazard, and have been very patient with how slow-moving progress has been.

It’s been hard balancing up City South’s desire not to spend money and our desire to get a solution that works – that’s secure enough for people to use it.  Ones that can only lock your front wheel aren’t suitable nor good enough for insurance purposes (D-lock round frame & solid fixing).  Recently there was a meeting between City South and a small bike storage sub-group that hopefully has moved things on!

The hope is that by Christmas there’ll be decent (Sheffield) stands for bikes in every block store room that can take them, bin-sheds where there’s no store room (& it’s possible) or it’s too small, and that we’ll then look at getting money for a few more outdoor sheds for overflow and those blocks that have no space at all.  Then they did say that the war would be over by Christmas too….!

This will be done in phases, as the store-rooms are cleared out. We’ll get letters from CSM about it as they go along, inviting input.

There’s an ace report on bike storage options for small blocks of flats – a piece of research from Edinburgh – available here.

If you want to get involved in making this happen, contact us via the greening @ email address and ask them to forward it on.  Thanks.

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