Outdoor gym for Hulme Street?

One idea for the transformation of Hulme Street that’s been floating round for a while is to put in an outdoor gym.  This could for example be a combination of ‘natural play’ objects (big trunks, rocks and the like) with bought-in robust gym equipment.


You don’t have to go to China anymore to see these in active use, though they are not widespread in the UK yet.  But where they exist, they get well-used, and people from different communities meet each other who never would have.


Clearly they would help Redbricks’ people with physical and mental wellbeing, as well as providing a warm-up facility for people who use the park for sport – but it would also encourage people to hang out in the new space, which would make it feel safer and more welcoming.


There’s some case studies about outdoor gym here.


Fingers crossed…

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