Green Zone Evaluation Online Survey

We are coming to the end of the Green Zone project, and would like to know what you think about how things have gone. It would be great if you could fill in the evaluation sheet – whether your views are good, bad or indifferent! We used responses to our first survey to shape the activities we put on, and the results from the recent composting survey have led to us buying more composting facilities. The survey is online here

It can be a very quick survey to fill out too!

We are also collecting people’s thoughts in other ways – we will be collecting interviews and having chats with people about what they think. We are also looking for residents to interview other residents – we can train you up. It’s a great way to pick up community research skills, share thoughts, and get to know your neighbours.

If you’re interested in having your say or interviewing people just drop us a line or 07814 434936. Thanks!

Also, if you feel like this evaluation isn’t enough to really get across what you think of the project, there is a more detailed survey online.

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