Urban Gardening with Hulme Community Garden Centre

The Green Zone project is working with Hulme Community Garden Centre
to bring you a course on different aspects of gardening suitable to the urban gardener & the inner city garden.

The course is flexible and each session is self-contained. This means you can come to all the sessions or dip into them when you can.

Here are some of the things that will be covered.    

  • Spuds in bags &  in containers  and learn about soil
  • Leeks, strawberries and carrots and companion planting
  • Beans, funky containers and beds rotation learning;
  • Peas and composting learning
  • Radish and salads and intercrops plus green manure and natural fertilisers/insecticide making.

Session are from 2-4pm & the sessions are on the following Dates….

Tuesday 5th April, Tuesday  12th April,

Sunday 8th May, Tuesday 10th May, Tuesday 17th May.

If you are interested in these courses then contact us for more information, or book on email greenzone@redbricks.org or SMS / Phone 07875 009616

There is a map of the meeting point attached to the bottom of this page.

We’ll be meeting on the South Edge of Leaf St Community Garden, this is where Leaf St meets Clarendon Road. If you are a bit late then we’ll be on the Garden so walk a bit north into the Community Garden and you’ll see us.

Meet at the Junction of Clarendon and Leaf St


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