Commuter Repellant (from Bentley Bugle)

Bentley Bugle has heard on the grapevine that there are going to be some days of action to encourage commuters not to use our estate as a free car park.

“Commuters should be using the bus, train, or bike, not their cars. And if they are going to use their gas guzzlers, they should be paying for the privilege, rather than polluting and blocking up our streets, and making it dangerous
to cross the road.” said one of the residents involved. “We’re hoping to create a mock-up living room in
the street, to show that this is our home, not free car parking.”

Everyone welcome to join in, meet on Hulme St at 7.45am on Monday 25th October for some fun, non-confrontational
commuter repelling action. Bring living room furniture/ornaments.

Radio report of the protest.

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