Free Session on Local History Projects with REELmcr

Wednesday 29th September Session on Local History with Reel MCR :

6-8 pm Venue: Yard Theatre, Old Birley St, Hulme (near Kim by the Sea)

This session is lead by Jaqcui Carrol and other Reel MCR tutors. The aims are to to share knowledge about local history, create a buzz about a local history project and Green Zone, share ideas of how an exciting local history project could work and possibly help convene a group to look for funding to do this.
Contact Mick or Kate on to book on – or just turn up. Or contact us if you want more info. This project is open to all.

To give you an idea of the REELmcr way of doing things check out this film!

This film includes footage from the workshops and the visual evaluations at the various stages of the project, from the initial meeting to on location production.

This film in itself is a valuable resource for community and environmental practitioners as it gives some insight into the REELmcr process, which has been developed over the past ten years in some of the most deprived and hard-to-reach communities in the North West.

This video and text is from the REELmcr website.

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