Help us create a master plan for the estate’s green spaces

Thursday 23rd September, 3.00 – 7.00 pm.

Church of the Ascension, Royce Rd.


 ** Buffet food**

We are working on plans for the green spaces improvements that the City South and Groundwork money is paying for. Three main things are covered in the bid: 

green screening the Mancunian Way 
some children’s play equipment
some wildflower areas

A green screen would use plants and / or other barriers to screen the view and reduce the noise and pollution from the Mancunian Way. Many people have also said they’d like something doing about trees because of the shade they create. There may be trees that people were agreed on to reduce or remove.

At the event we will show you the possible ideas for the improvements so you can see the options and tell us what you think. There will also be a buffet!

It’s really important that you tell us what you want to see, as we want these changes to reflect what everyone wants. If you have any ideas / suggestions / comments / questions about these improvements or any others for the future, please get in touch. Also, don’t forget to send us back your surveys!

If you’d like to volunteer and help out with either collecting opinions or any other way, just let us know. If you can’t make it to the event but would still like to have your say, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. admin says:

    Here were some of the ideas which came out of the Summer Event.

    Ideas put down on the Big map – July Planning meeting

    >> Horticultural

    On bin shed walls, Trellis’s with edible climbers broadbeans, / peas, blackcurrents, redcurrents, broad beans, runner beans, sweat peas.

    Green Roofs on flat roofs at end of blocks

    Small Fruit trees in grassy areas on Rockdove on the East side.

    Low Hedges on Corner of Rockdove to stop people cutting through and walking right past Tony’s windows

    Fruit fences / espalier fruit trees (for good light), bushes (for poor light) on many of the fences (both metal and wood) all around the estate.

    Clear brambles area in Letsby Av, replace with wild garlic, wildflowers good in shade, redcurrents.

    Hedges and beds on edges of the green areas the Hulme St to stop people cutting corners.


    Proper cut through paths for cut through areas, can be stepping stones or other low impact material.

    Blocking off Hulme St after Proctors entrance.

    Allowing access to Hulme St from Hunmany and Humberstone. Ie removing Bollards and blocking off access from Jackson’s Cresent

    Maintenace areas / Storage areas for Van in Hulme St

    Different gates on Letsby Av within current gates that swing shut and are therefore good as an enclosed play area for children

    Creating bigger turning circles at the end of Hunmanby and Humerstone

    Using espaliered apple / fruit trees or fruit trees or nut trees in planters instead of bollards to block off traffic in Hulme St.

    Planters in many areas around Hulme St both not on the road, and on the road

    Planters in many areas around the Estate – Rockdove, Clarendon, Hunmanby, Humberstone on the road to slow traffic.

    Hulme St as a Play St

    Swings / Slides on the Grassy areas at the North End of Letsby Avenue

    Car park spaces reserved for Car Sharing Scheme

    Community Building at the end of Leaf St on the north side.

    >> Activities

    Growing food on your balcony workshops and equipment

    Get materials for making troughs which hang over balconies without having to drill in

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