Visit to Landlife National Wildflower centre

Visit to Landlife National Wildflower Centre – August 31st

We had a great visit to the Landlife National Wildflower Centre on August 31st. There were a few ideas that were good to look at that might work on the estate – a wildlife junk area / bug hotel – woodland wildflower areas etc. If we really wanted to go for it then we should be importing waste rocky, bricky material to reduce the quality of the soil – which increases the biodiversity! Or hire a digger to ‘invert the soil’ – exposing the subsoil which has the same effect. Or you can convert lawn areas in other areas more slowly by introducing ‘corn field’ type wild flowers – but this method would probably need a lot of maintenance (especially as there are a lot of weeds about )
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“The centre exists to promote the creation of new wildflower habitats for people to enjoy and where wildlife can flourish and develop. It is a tranquil, family-friendly venue to visit and an urban haven where you will be inspired by nature.

The aim of the centre is to raise awareness about the importance of wildflowers to our environment and to educate the public in all matters concerning the creation and management of new wildflower habitats. By promoting new places for wildflowers to develop and thrive, we are playing a part to preserve our valuable native species and providing places where birds, insects and other wildlife can flourish too.”

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