July Green Spaces Planning Event Write up

Report of Green Spaces Mapping Event

On Sunday the 18th there was ain informal green spaces mapping event. It was well attended with over 30 residents coming along. There was a really positive atmosphere and lots of discussion and chat between all attendees and plenty of cake for everyone.

There were 2 huge A0 maps of the estate. One had the results of a tree survey. People added to this map and indicated what they thought should happen to the trees. The other one mapped how green spaces are being looked after and by whom. Everyone put in their ideas of other things that they thought should happen on the Estate from fruit trees and bushes on the fences to blocking off Hulme St. We’ll be feeding these results back to City South so that the Tree Plan and the grounds work that is done takes them into account.

If you didn’t make the event the Map is still up on the TARA office and you can put in your ideas.

You’ll also be able to make suggestions at the Planning event in September.

Rob from Rockdove came to take people on a plant tour of Leaf St and Letsby Av, and Katherine from the Garden Centre was there to let people know about upcoming horticulture courses that are happening on the Estate – starting this Friday 30th at 3.30, meeting at Leaf Street – come along!

A plan of Letsby Ave has begun to come together, and it was discussed and agreed to start a Letsby Avenue gardening group, which would meet on the 1st Thursday of every month at 6pm (TARA office). There were also some ideas for Leaf St and where to put bays for top soil and woodchip. The Leaf St gardeners meet the first Monday of the month 6pm on Leaf St.

Another idea that grew wings was Redbricks Radio, and it was agreed that the first meeting would be held on Thursday 21st July at 6.30. Look out for future meetings soon.

The idea of a car-share scheme was raised by a couple of people, and it has been decided to gauge interest in such a scheme. People also filled in the ‘Redbricks Yellow Pages’ sheets which let people on the Estate list their trade or skills they want to share. We’re going to keep collecting those.

For us as Green Zone workers we thought that it was great first event of the Green Zone project. We were really happy that so many people came out and had such a positive and active vision of what they want the estate to look like. The next step for us is to really widen out the number of people who have an input, so look out for the next planning event in September.

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