Lack of cleaning before, during and after lockdown – communication with One Manchester

Cleaning on the estate has been a bone of contention for some time. The issue was raised in TARA and One Manchester’s quarterly meeting on 04/02/2020 (minutes can be accessed here) but it appears that no improvements have been made.

Redbricks residents have complained about the lack of cleaning that was done during the lockdown period. Many have shared photos of unclean surfaces, whilst some have also shared photos of clean hallways in other One Manchester-managed buildings such as Hulme Court on Linby Street – residents of this block report that cleaning was consistent throughout lockdown and is of a high standard. There was also a concern that One Manchester contractors were accessing blocks without PPE.

TARA contacted One Manchester to find out why cleaning wasn’t done during lockdown, when service would resume and whether residents would compensated. Despite the cleaning team supposedly being back on site as of June 2020, we have seen little evidence of proper cleaning and subsequently more complaints have been made to One Manchester by residents.

One Manchester have also advised that items left in communal areas (stairs and landings) have prevented the team from being able to clean properly, although a number of residents have complained that communal storage is being occupied by cleaning equipment so they have nowhere else to leave their buggies etc.

On 09/09/2020 Kirk Moore (Facilities Manager) advised that he and Paul Doherty (Place Delivery Manager) would be completing a site visit and inspection on 10/09 to assess what deep cleans would be required. At the time of writing (24/09) no deep cleaning appears to have been done.

Leaseholders have now received a letter advising that service accounts have been credited for two months’ worth of charges (presumably for the period from March to May when cleaning was not done). We await more information on what compensation will be offered to tenants.

TARA’s next meeting with One Manchester is on Tuesday 6th October when this issue will no doubt be raised again.

One Manchester has also arranged another recycling day at the request of TARA – this will be on Saturday 3rd October. If you have any unwanted items you can put them into their collection trucks to be recycled. You can also contact Jackie Hampson (Customer Liaison Officer) on 0330 355 1000 / to discuss.

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