Celebrate The Redbricks 70th – first season full listings


This year is the 70th birthday of the Bentley House housing estate, AKA The Redbricks, in Hulme, Manchester and residents are celebrating in big style.

There are two seasons of events and activities to which you are warmly invited.  The wide range of workshops and much more are a chance for people of all ages, and different communities and cultures to come together.  So whether you live here now or have done in the past, or feel linked in some way to the past, present and future community activism of residents on The Redbricks, we hope to see you here.

The first season from March-July has two big events:

  • the spring celebration on 16th April includes a community meal, street theatre performance, and children’s activities (games, circus skills and chocolate!)
  • a big summer celebration on 8th July including a feast and entertainment;

and is jam-packed with activities:

  • street theatre workshops (10 & 13th April) for you to bring along your musical, dance, performance, circus, poetry or writing skills
  • basic computer and internet skills (25th April, 16th May, 20th June)
  • gardening (19th & 23rd April, 17th & 21st May, 21st & 25th June)
  • sewing skills making bunting and more (7th May)
  • designing a flag for The Redbricks (4th June) & learning skills to make the flags (11th & 18th June)
  • nature awareness with bat spotting (20th June)
  • Tenants & Residents Assocation meetings (4th May, 1st June, 6th July) to find out about the hard work our committee is up to  and get involved
  • Bentley Exchange (6-7th May, 3-4 June, 1-2nd July) to bring things you don’t want and take treasures you do
  • a film skills workshop (19th April) which is part of
  • an exciting film project to both film events throughout the year and to interview past and present residents about what The Redbricks means to them.

More details are in the poster and map below. Plus look out for activity-specific posters in your stairwells, with more details to follow on twitter and redbricks.org or get in touch by email (celebrate AT redbricks.org).

The second season of activities and events, September-November 2017, includes:

  • a World Meal celebrating the different cuisines and cultures found on The Redbricks on 17th September,
  • an autumn celebration including an autumnal feast and children’s Hallowe’en activities on 31st October, and
  • a Finale on 18th November including Walk the Plank and Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, both with strong historical links to The Redbricks.

All events and activities are held in fully accessible venues, with the exception of the gardening on Leaf Street which is partially restricted due to the design of the community gardens.  The food is suitable for all whatever your usual diet – vegetarian/vegan-friendly, and is Halal & Kosher (if not officially certified).

Many thanks to the funders (the Big Lottery), to everyone making all these activities happen, mostly on a voluntary basis, and to you for coming along and participating, perhaps even getting involved in making this a neighbourhood with strong community spirit, where we can get to know each other, help each other out and make our lives better.

Drop us an email at: celebrate AT redbricks.org

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